In previous articles, we have discussed some of the key factors to ensuring a successful property launch and sale.  More and more homes are coming onto the market as the demand slows down. If your house is not presenting well and in good condition, you are not likely to capture the buyer's attention.  It is amazing how a clean home makes more of an impression than a home that may offer more value for money. 

Here are some pointers to try and make your property competitive in the marketplace:

First impression - the home should be clean, with windows and curtains open, beds made and no furniture obstructing doorways.  Tenants should also have to follow this when the house they occupy comes up for re-marketing, or it will compromise the chance of finding a replacement tenant, or a potential buyer.  This places financial stress on owners who then sit with empty homes on the market.

General exterior appearance - make sure that the pavement is looked after and that the garden is watered, the lawn is cut, and all dog mess is picked up daily.  The client is absorbing the environment as well as the property.

Interior - must be clean and well maintained.  People are not necessarily looking for the latest finishes but, rather a well maintained home that feels good.  They are not going to feel that if the house is run down and in disrepair.  The majority of buyers will strike it off their list, as they see the problem as huge, and that it will take too much time and effort to fix.   This is a tricky one as many sellers ask if they should add on, renovate finishes etc. prior to selling.  My advice here is that the market is so tight and after all the work and money you spend upgrading the home, are you going to see a huge profit?  Probably not.  In fact, you will be lucky to recover what you spent.  So there is a fine balance. 

If you rather focus on freshening the property, maybe doing a bit of painting and looking after it, you will probably have a better chance at selling.  You are not going to add much value in these economic times, you are just going to facilitate a quicker sale.  Many clients are not recovering their costs having bought 5 years ago.  This is our reality!