Properties have been selling very well in the Dainfern, Fourways and surrounding areas. We are definitely in need of new listings which is very good news! After a static growth period for several years, we hope to see an increase in prices in the next cycle. One never knows with all the external and economic changes what might happen but, we are overdue for an increase in property values. We have seen some excellent renovations over the past 12 months and these have assisted in pushing prices up. People are creatively utilising their spaces and transforming their homes. 


Keeping up with modern trends and home maintenance definitely facilitates a faster house sale at a better price. When considering renovations you have to think about what improvements will add value to your property. The main things to consider when doing any renovations are kitchen upgrades, bathroom upgrades and good entertainment areas. If you carefully consider every room of your home in cohesion, you can avoid any costly design mistakes and make a great first impression on buyers from the moment they step through your front door. If you do plan to add a bedroom, or a living room, make sure your intrinsics (bones) are good. Focus on flow and generous room sizes as well as appealing landscaping, prospective purchasers have a keen eye and appreciation for gardens. Space has become an imperative factor when purchasers are considering purchasing their new home. 


As we head into the winter months, homeowners need to think about attending to any damp issues on their properties. We have had excessive rains that will have affected many properties, some quite badly. This is the season to do the maintenance so that the walls can dry out properly after they have been repaired. Another important factor for consideration, is that these properties are now 20 – 30 years old, and we are in a competitive market with multiple new estates in the north.


A freshly painted home with a pretty verge uplifts a whole community! If your Estate looks good and your property is immaculate, the age of the property will not matter to buyers!