Mandela Day 2018!

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Mandela Day is a day to truly celebrate the change that Nelson Mandela and his legacy has had on our beautiful country. A day to incite positive change within the country we call home. The Gaye Cawood Realty team, in collaboration with Crowthorne Superspar, teamed up to TAKE ACTION this year! 

We identified a dire need for the animal shelter known as 4Paws, located near Diepsloot. This organisation relies soley donations. Their mission is to help animals in the townships, and their small dedicated team, led by Tammy and Jenni,  service 30 townships within Johannesburg and as far as Rustenburg.  

Our township dwellers love having animals and 4 Paws go into the townships to do inoculation, sterilization, as well as deworming of the animals. These medications are not sponsored. They also collect any abandoned animals that are injured or malnourished. These animals are taken to the shelter near Diepsloot to be fed and loved. They do not euthanize them, unless there is absolutely no hope of recovery for the animal.

Their hope is that someone will come along and adopt a dog or a cat.  Volunteers can also come and assist whilst enjoying play time with animals.

The animals are shown so much love but 4 Paws cannot provide adequate shelter for the volume of animals that they take in. They need additional roofing, bricks, fencing etc. to protect them from the elements. Tammy has been quoted R98 per plastic sheet to be used as basic roofing. They are happy to collect from the supplier, they just need your donation!  You can email her on to help. 

This Mandela Day, Gaye Cawood Realty and Superspar would like to give you a peek into the every day lives of the 4Paws Fourways family! The angels at 4Paws ensure that neglected or abused animals have access to basic health care and veterinary treatment free of charge!

Going to visit the 4Paws family is a truly unforgettable experience. Tammy and Jenni shared each animal’s unique story with us as we did our tour. It is phenomenal to see the work that they are doing. Some of the beautiful animals that you see in the video were found lying surrounded in their own vomit, and the puppies were found when their mother was poisoned when they were only 9 days old. The fast three legged dog lost his leg when he was hit by a car and left to die. The wagging tails and licking is a telling sign of how well looked after these animals are, and how deeply Tammy, Jenni and the rest of the team love them.  

We encourage you to come and visit all of the welcoming and affectionate animals that live here. Any, and all donations, big or small, are appreciated here, as you can see by all the wagging tails! The undeniable affection that all of the animals at 4Paws possess is a quality that should not be ignored! I think many of us can agree that animals are the complete embodiment of happiness and therapy for human beings no matter where you come from. Everyone deserves unconditional love.

To view the 4Paws wish list visit this link

Thank you so much to 4Paws for having us, the work that you do is just phenomenal! 

Author: Gaye Cawood

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