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Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2019!  
There are a few issues that you need to consider going into the new year.  One of them is the maintenance of your property.  We have had several damaging storms that have moved or cracked roof tiles, blocked roof gullies, caused damp and flooding etc.  Some will fall under insurance claims and, you need to chase the contractors to remedy, as soon as possible.  If you leave the roof to leak, you will then have to consider new ceilings, cornices and skirting boards.  The problems can end up costing you more, the longer you leave them.
The other issue is continued maintenance of rental properties.  One very big problem we have picked up is ants and termites.  If the tenant is not spraying regularly, you may end up with huge problems, including termites.  Termites are very destructive and should be identified as soon as possible, so that you can get the pest specialists in to spray.  Ants eat wood which then rots, water gets into the damaged wood and the owner has to replace the door or window.  So, regular spraying is essential.  
Pool and garden maintenance is also vital.  If your garden is not being watered, plants die, weeds thrive and it is very costly to replace gardens.  It also does not present well when the owner comes to remarket the home.  Green pools can be avoided by using Monthmate to control the slow release of chemicals.  Owners are cautioned to keep in touch with the state of the their properties and they need to be proactive on monitoring the state of their homes.  Poorly kept homes are much harder to sell and rent.  Protect your investment.
We have had a busy start to the year and we need properties.  Please call us to rent or sell your 

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